Ice Boxes and Nameplates

Includes samples of wooden and metal ice boxes and associated nameplates.

Ice Harvesting

Ice was harvested from ponds, lakes and rivers in the coldest months of winter and was stored in ice houses until it was needed....
Bill_300Lbs 1927

Ice Delivery

Includes icemen, horse & wagon teams, and ice delivery trucks used to get ice from the ice house to homes and businesses.

Ice Cards

Ice Cards were placed in windows so the iceman had a visual indication of the amount of ice to bring to the ice box....

Ice Coupon Books

Coupon books were purchased at Ice Company offices and allowed the ice delivery person to collect coupons instead of cash.
Ice Box Memories' Ice Tong wall

Ice Tongs

The tool that was essential to the iceman in all aspects of the business.


Manufacturer’s catalogs for Ice Boxes and Ice Tools.
Ice Shaver with Adjustable Blade

Ice Shavers, Chippers & Crushers

Ice Shavers, Ice Scrapers, Ice Chippers and Crushers were used to transform ice into a more useful form for homeowners and businesses.

Ice Picks

The tool the iceman couldn’t be without! Wooden or metal, round or square handled, with advertizing or plain…the ice pick was essential.